There is noise in the SEO world for the potential role of LSI keywords in the ranking. 

Some say they do matter, and some say they don’t. We will make that clear in this blog. But before that, let us see what LSI keywords are: 

What are LSI Keywords: A Reality Or An Illusion: 

According to John Mueller, the senior webmaster trends analyst at Google: 

“There’s no such thing as LSI keywords — anyone who’s telling you otherwise is mistaken, sorry.”

It seems like the end of a discussion, but it’s not. 

Although not a real term, wherever LSI keywords come, it means those words or phrases that relate semantically to the main topic. Many SEO experts think that we should add LSI keywords in our content to prove its relevance. 

The real thing here is LSI, not the LSI keyword. 

What is LSI? 

LSI or latent semantic indexing is a natural language processing technology that identifies the association between the word and its usage. 

Does LSI have any room in the Google algorithm? 

Let us face reality!

Google never uses outdated technologies:

Google is crazy about bringing changes and being up-to-date. It doesn’t feel shy shedding on the technologies that once were Google’s go-to means of serving the best on SERP. 

LSI is an outdated technology; thinking Google will use it is a sin. 

There is no denying that Google indexes synonyms and related words but doesn’t use LSI for it. 

LSI Keywords- a technically wrong word– may help your page rank good!

LSI words are nothing but related terms. Although not through LSI technology, Google does give value to associated words. Let us explain to you why! 

Suppose a person searches for digital marketing firms on Google. And a web page has in its content some related words, such as SEO, PPC, social media marketing, web design, web development, as so on. That inclusion of relevant terms shows that the content is in-depth. And Ranking this webpage on higher ranks delivers the utmost value to the reader. After all, this is what Google wants. 

Take away

Google doesn’t use LSI technology. But relevant words do matter to it. Whatever you call them, LSI keywords, or just related terms, you should add them to your content to ramp up its value.

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