“ Good grammar is a stock-in-trade of optimized content,”

“ One weak plan” or “ one week plan.”

“ Meet me” or “ meat me.”

“ You’re boss” or “ your boss.”

You can see these minor alterations in words can make a big difference and flip the meaning completely. The content of your website is the first thing through which you can tell your visitors what your business is all about. When they are unable to comprehend what you are trying to convey, they are more likely to turn their thumbs down on you and switch to your competitors’ webpage. This hindrance in comprehending your message is caused by the grammatical and spelling errors present in your content. Experts say most of the educated search market finds a content full of grammatical errors very appalling and can’t get convinced to build trust on the respective brand, thereby, decreasing the percentage of organic traffic on your webpage. Below we will mention important points about how grammar impact your SEO.

Know the perspective of major search engines—Google and Bing:

The impact of poor grammar on the ranking of your webpage is different on Google and Binge, but it definitely impacts your positioning on these search engines. On one hand, Google says that they don’t penalize webpages on the basis of their poor grammar; however, this is also true that you will rarely find any grammatical error in top-ranked webpages. While on the other hand, Bing has explicitly said that they do judge webpages on the basis of their error free content because they in turn are judged by the quality of search results they appear on the top.

Take away: be it Google or any other search engine; if you want to take a step forward from just being indexed on search engines and grab that top-notch position, every facet of your webpage, including the content, has to be up-to-the-mark.

Know the users’ perspective:

You plan, you invest your time and other resources, then create a website, decide its layouts, its format, create a unique content for it, why? Because you want to attract the search market to your page, want them to stay and be converted into long-term customers, right? All of the efforts will go in vain if you fail to communicate with your target audience. Nothing is going to work out afterwards. Customers can not build their trust on your brand if your content has poor grammar in it. There will be a significant fall in your organic traffic, and you won’t get your required leads.

How to avoid poor grammar in your content:

  • Give it a re-read before you submit it to get on to the webpage. It is recommended that you stay away from your written work for a while then get back to it and re-read it with a fresh mind.
  • There are many tools that do the job for you and check grammatical errors in your content: Grammarly, becorrect, etc.