Brands aiming for the top spot on SERP need to make all-inclusive efforts to become niche leaders. Backlinks, however, have been a big focus of marketers and Google all around. This immense importance of backlinks accompanies the need to gain only quality backlinks. Otherwise, it is not worth it. Moreover, a big challenge is to figure out who to chase for backlinks. But that is not a big issue. You can resolve it by reading our insights on how to find your competitors’ backlinks: 

Do you even know who your competitors are? 

Before we commence finding our competitors’ backlinks, the first step is to know your competitors. In the digital arena, you may come across two types of competitors. The one is competing for the same target keyword, page-level competitors. The other one produces similar offerings like yours, domain-level competitors. You first have to enlist those competitors separately. 

Spy on the sites linking back to your competitors.

Now that you have enlisted your competitors. It’s time to find the websites linking back to them. A beneficial thing here can be Moz Link Intersect, Backlink Gap -Semrush, and Ahrefs link intersect. By using these tools, you can monitor the backlink profiles of your competitors. That will help you find out the website that is linking back to most of the competitors. It shows the chances are that they link back to you. 

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Find out which backlink strategy would work for you. And which website you can choose.

In this stage, you need to analyze which backlinks strategy would work for you by monitoring your competitors’. You can choose many tools for this, like Buzzsumo. And then you can straightaway target those websites linking back to your competitors. Another way to do this

is to track the brand mentions of your competitors. It can also help you identify the relevant websites you should chase. Google alerts can help you with this. 

Avail of the backlink opportunities for your website.

After enlisting the websites that might link back to you, get into action. First, make sure the websites have mentioned your brand on their pages or not. Also, see if they have linked back to you. If yes, then go ahead with a new opportunity. If they haven’t linked back to you, you may get in touch with them and request that. 

In case they have not mentioned your brand on their website, you must figure out what good thing about your competitors has the website link back to them. Then, work out to eradicate your flaws and your content as well. That’s it; you are all set to win.