What Is Google Algorithm And How It Works?

There are billions of websites filling Google’s space. Ever wondered how Google lets some specific websites reach the first SERP? How does it know which website is qualified enough to rule the top rank on the first SERP? 

That is where the concept of the Google algorithm comes in.

What is the Google algorithm?

Google algorithm is a complex set of rules that Google uses to evaluate billions of websites and rank them based on relevance, quality, and usability.

How does it work? 

Let us see, based on the following factors, how does Google algorithm work. 

In-depth understanding of search query 

Although what we search for comes in front of us in no time, Google does a bulk of work before it. It must figure out what precisely the person is searching for. And Google does it in three ways.

  • There are possibly many meanings of the same word. So first, Google has to analyze the exact meaning of the used word. 
  • Then, understanding the user’s intent is the crux. It has to figure out the ultimate goal that the user has behind his/her search.
  • Finally, Google has taken this responsibility to provide new information to the time-sensitive search queries. 

It analyzes the content to check for their relevance by regular crawling and indexing

Now Google has understood the search query pretty well. It starts searching for the most relevant websites that match the search intent. That is where keywords come into action. It matches the search query with the key phrases of the web content. The one having the most relevant result will show up on the top.

It checks the content for its compliance with Google E-A-T standard

The quality of the content is another crucial factor that Google wants. Any content that fulfills Google E-A-T standards is considered quality content.  

E-A-T standards demand the content to be expert, authoritative, and trustworthy. 

Expertise means are you able to structure your content exactly per the user’s search intent. Then, authority implies people look at you as a credible source to get info. 

Finally, Google judges the trustworthiness by legitimacy, transparency, and accuracy of the content. 

Here, the number of backlinks from authoritative and credible websites do play a significant role. 

Google does rank websites based on the quantity and quality of websites linking back to you. 

It looks for the usability of pages by analyzing its technical aspects

After quality, the usability of a website also has to be up to the mark. For this, Google algorithms inspect some technical aspects of a website. The factors that Google wants are the following. 

  • What is the load speed of a website? 
  • Is the website secure? 
  • What is the responsiveness of all the pages? 
  • How does the website appear on all browsers? 

Individual preferences and settings 

After we search, what we get on SERP is majorly influenced by our past searches, our location, and the settings we have made. Google algorithms are very well aware of their search market. Based on the factors described above, Google serves up its search market. 

Take away 

Google algorithms are the evaluators that based our Google search results. It ranks websites based on the search query, content relevance, quality, usability, and individual preferences. Although Google keeps changing its updates quite frequently, complying with them as soon as possible is the best thing websites owners can do.

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